How To Cleanup Halloween Pranks: Egging, Toiletpaper, Etc.

Boo! Halloween is just around the corner. This is the one holiday of the year that can be very scary. Many pranksters head out to participate in the youthful tradition of egging, toilet papering, and many other pranks to celebrate this age-old holiday. Here are some tips on How To Cleanup Halloween Pranks. 

Halloween can be incredibly messy. Imagine egg yolks dripping down your car or the siding of your house and toilet paper strewn all over your trees and bushes. Inside your house, you might have candle wax in the carpet, chocolate stains on the furniture and dirt and leaves spread throughout the entryway of your house. Welcome to Halloween, this is the price we all pay for fun on this holiday each year. 

Cleanup Halloween Pranks


Getting Rid Of Egg Slatters

Egg on your house or car can very damaging if left untreated. Time is your enemy because the longer the egg sits on your paint or siding, the hard it is going to be to remove that stain. When the shells explode on the surface of your car or house, micro-shards of the egg can embed into the surface and act as an abrasive to the paint as you clean it. Popular Mechanics suggests that you gentle spray the egg mess with a gentle spray of water. The indirect contact with water will wash away the egg. 


Getting Rid of Toilet Paper

If the toilet paper is dry, it will be a little easier to remove. If the toilet paper is wet, which is the most likely scenario, it will make it more challenging. Wait for the toilet paper to dry out as much as possible. Then get a rake and use that to grab hold of the toilet paper. If that doesn’t work, get a leaf blower and blast the TP down from the branches. Start at the top of the tree or bush and work you way down. Don’t leave it on your grass either! 


Getting Rid of Candle Wax

Don’t try to remove hot candle wax from your carpets. It will only damage them more. Let the wax cool or get a cold pack and put it on the spot where the wax mess is. The cold pack will harden the wax and make it easier to remove. Use a butter knife or dull knife to remove the hardened wax from your carpet. 


We hope that you have a fun and safe time with Halloween this year. If you end up with a mess that you can’t clean up, give us a call. 

Author: DennisG.

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