Decluttering Your Home By Cleaning The Closet

Once again the autumn season is here, even though with this 80-degree weather you would think it was more like July weather. What do you find when you wade into your closet? In this article, I wanted to cover some decluttering tips to Cleaning The Closet in preparation for the winter months ahead in New England. 

Cleaning The Closet

Declutter Tip #1

Sort through your spring and summer clothes. Try things on to see what still fits. Look for holes, stains that you can’t get rid of in your wardrobe. If you are into dinner parties etc. Count up the number of outfits you have and make sure you have enough clothes for these types of events. 


Declutter Tip #2

As a rule of thumb, my wife and I try to have one outfit per day of the week and then a couple outfits for special occasions. Most of us store our clothes in the main part of the closet. What about those shelves or storage bins where the seasonal clothes are? Sometimes we even go the extra mile and get a special outfit for that new job interview and then leave it in the closet to sit for the next 6 months. Look behind any clothes in your closet, in the corners and shelves for outfits that you have not worn in a while. You can’t stop with the clothes in your closet, you need to move on to the clutter of the psyche that lies behind why you have the possessions, to begin with. 


Declutter Tip #3

I know it is hard to let go of stuff. That is why when you are cleaning your closet you need to have two mindsets. The first mindset is “decisive” and the other mindset is “sentimental”. The decisive mindset is the one that says you don’t need it because you have not worn it in a while. Use this mindset to try everything on and donate, give away or throw away anything that you haven’t worn for years or doesn’t fit. The second mindset is the “sentimental”, this mindset will nag at your emotions to keep that favorite sweatshirt from high school because you once could run a mile in 4 minutes. Decluttering your closet means saying good-bye and relinquishing those sentimental feelings and going with the change in who you are today. Now, I don’t think it is a bad thing to hold onto one of two sentimental items like your favorite blanket or shirt that is special. When we use that “sentimentalism” to hold onto everything in our closet is where we get into trouble. 


Decluttering Tip #4

In our country the United States, we are told that the more possessions we have the more successful we are. This article is really about getting rid of the unnecessary items in your closet, but also your home. Less really is more! We really don’t need tons of clothes, furniture, shoes and the millions of other possessions to make us happy in our homes. To come to terms with the conundrum of cleaning out the clutter, balance the memories of the past with an encouraging glimpse of your future. It is bright and full of adventure with friends and family. 

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Author: DennisG.

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