Five Cleaning Product On Amazon Worth Buying Under $15

We clean everything in the home daily and some products on the market today are great and others are really not worth mentioning. Here are five Cleaning Product reviews on Amazon that make life a little easier around your home. These are products that have actually been tested by the household name that everyone trusts “good housekeeping”.


1 Knife and Silverware Brush

Silverware is one of the last things that I enjoy cleaning, but this little tool does make it a little easier to clean both sides of the utensil and it saves some time too. For those people that don’t have a dishwasher and are afraid of cleaning a sharp knife, this tool works great. BUY HERE


2 Microfiber Dust Mop

I love this mop! This is dust mop is perfect for those hard to reach spots like under the fridge or top of the baseboards. It has a flexible head that makes it super easy to get into those hard to reach spots. BUY HERE


3 Clean The Groove In You Sliding Door

Have you ever had a groove in a sliding door or window that you just couldn’t reach? Nothing is really more satisfying than watching this little tool get deep into that narrow crevice and sweep the dirt away. This thing gets where even the vacuum won’t go! BUY HERE


4 Window Blind Dust Buster

Have you ever had to clean the blinds or vents in a fan? Instead of letting the dust buildup fly around your room, get this little tool and wipe the dust bunnies out for good! BUY HERE


5 Microfiber Cleaning Mitt

Don’t really want to clean your car? Don’t worry, these microfiber cleaning mitts work great and won’t scratch your car. Give one to each of your kids and let them go to town on removing the dirt and grime from your car. BUY HERE

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Author: DennisG.

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