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House Cleaning Tips: Do you Feel Like Your House Is Always Messy?

Do you feel like your house is messy all the time? Piles of stuff everywhere? Endless clutter, dishes in the sink and toys spread throughout the house. This can feel like a messy house which will affect your mood and how you feel about your home. You don’t have to have a messy house! You can move out of feeling out of control to being in control of your home. Here are some House Cleaning Tips to help you get started on the right track.


1 Make Your Bed In The Morning

How often do you make your bed in the morning? This simple little task has the ability to set the tone for the whole day. Try making your bed for one week and see what the difference is. Retired Navy Seal Admiral William McRaven talks about how making your bed can have a tremendous positive impact on your day. Watch the video here.

House Cleaning


2 Do The Laundry Daily

Laundry is one area of the home that just seems to be a never-ending pile! With kids in the house, clothes are dirty faster than you can clean them. Doing a single load of laundry every day is a stress game changer when it comes to taking care of your home. Don’t just wash the clothes, make sure you put them away too! Now you can check that off your list and feel great that you accomplished one more task.

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3 Clutter Around The Home

Clutter might seem like a never-ending process in your home, but with a simple daily habit, you can find it manageable. Get a couple small baskets or plastic containers and place them in strategic places around your home that your children will use. This will allow you to keep some of the stuff organized and not just tossed on the table or on the floor around the house. Try putting your kid’s toys in baskets or bins in their room, it gets it up off the floor. You can do the same for mail, school papers, toys, piles of books, etc. This will keep it from laying around the home, you now have given it a place to be!

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These are three simple routines that help to keep our home clean and less cluttered with stuff everywhere. Remember it starts with making the bed in the morning, that sets the tone for your success each day! Happy cleaning!

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