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Is it Necessary Hire an Upper Valley Window Cleaner During the Winter Months?


With winter in full swing in New England, the ability to wash windows in the winter is challenging but not impossible. The main problem with cold weather window cleaning is the temperature of the water and the fact that water freezes on the glass when temps dip below 32 degrees. If you have tried to wash your windows in the winter, you have indeed experienced this problem and have been left with an ice-slick left on your windows. The next time that you think about hiring an Upper Valley window cleaner, here are some things to think about before you hire.


Above freezing cleaning

Window cleaning typically is done three times a year. One in the spring, Once in the summer and the final cleaning during the fall. Once the snow starts flying, it might not be effective to get your windows cleaned. It is really dependent on the temperature outside.

If the outside temp is at freezing 32 degrees or slightly above washing the windows with hot-water and quickly squeegeeing off that water will be an efficient method of cleaning the windows. At this temperature, you will want to replace the water often because the hot water will start to cool and form ice crystals slowly and will reduce the effectiveness and ability to clean off the window quickly.


Freezing or below-freezing cleaning

Yes, it is possible to clean windows upper valley window cleaning. Most window cleaners don’t like to clean during the winter months simply because it is more difficult and there are more factors to consider in washing during cold weather months. You may be wondering how do you get around the fact that water will freeze on contact with the window during the winter.

First you have to start with cold water in your bucket and then add methanol to your water. If you use hot water first, it will evaporate the methanol faster and will render the cleaning ineffective. Methanol alcohol is often found in automotive window washer fluid. That is how you are able to wash your windows on your car as you drive down the road at 65 mph with the temperature at 10 degrees.

Another way to create the proper solution to clean your windows is just to add automotive window washing fluid to your water. This will help to reduce streaking on your windows as straight methanol may streak in direct sunlight.

Another reason for adding automotive window washing fluid to your water is you don’t have to figure out the correct proportions of the methanol. Improperly handling Methanol is dangerous and poisonous. Before you get any methanol read up on the MSDS sheet, so you understand the risks of using methanol alcohol.

Most businesses will wait til the spring weather to start washing all of the exteriors of your windows, but if you have a retail outlet that has large windows, you may want to hire someone now to get all of the grime and gunk off. First impressions for your customers do affect the bottom line in business.

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