Why Not Hiring a House Cleaning Service Should Be 1 Of The 7 Deadly Sins

Who actually enjoys cleaning their house? I don’t have time to clean my house? Why would I want to hire a House Cleaning Service to clean my house? There are all questions that you might have asked yourself at one point or another. Hiring a House Cleaning Service can be challenging or just down right scary. One of the 7 deadly sins is SLOTH, and you certainly don’t want you or your home to be labeled that way.


First, what is sloth? It means to handle something without care. As a homeowner or renter, you desire to manage the house or apartment that you live in with “care.” But, it just isn’t that simple. Life gets busy and sometimes the best way to “care” for something is to recognize that the best choice is hiring a professional to manage “care” for your house or apartment for you. That can be scary to invite a stranger into your home to “care” for it while you are away. Many questions come racing to mind on how to make the best decision in hiring a House Cleaning Service in the Upper Valley.

House Cleaning Service In The Upper Valley

Here Are 8 Keys To Hiring The Right House Cleaning Service

1 Get References (Word-of-Mouth)

Don’t just take their word that they are good at their job and trustworthy. Ask your friends, neighbors, co-workers for referrals on who is great to work with in your area. Many happy customers are willing to share their experience with cleaning companies. Testimonials online and offline are very powerful. Do a search online for the company in question and read the reviews on their performance.


2 Insurance

When you are shopping around getting quotes from cleaning companies, ask about insurance. Make sure they are bonded and insured. If anything happens while in your home cleaning your insurance will bear the responsibility if they don’t have any. Make sure they have insurance and are bonded. If they aren’t, don’t hire them.


3 Employees

This is a big issue in the cleaning industry today. Many companies in larger metropolitan areas are dealing with cleaning companies that are not using their own employees to perform the cleaning you hire them for. Here are some questions to ask about employees:

  1. How many employees do they have?
  2. Are they legal residents of this country?
  3. Do they perform background checks on their employees?
  4. What is their turnover rate with employees?
  5. What type of training do they give their employees?


4 Free Consultation

Most House Cleaning Services will provide you with a free consultation. This typically involves the manager coming to your home and reviewing the number of rooms and items to be cleaned. They then will determine the price and give you a formal estimate for the work to be done. If they don’t give you an estimate or a free consult, you may not want to hire them.



5 Pricing

When you are in the process of choosing a House Cleaning Service you should get a fixed price for the job. A good cleaning company should give you a fixed cost and not an open ended hourly rate for cleaning. Here are some tips about pricing:

  1. Before you hire them, get an additional quote from another company.
  2. Don’t focus on the lowest That shouldn’t be the only determining factor.
  3. If it sounds to good to be true, then most likely it is to good to be true.
  4. Get it in writing and not over the phone.


6  Green Cleaning Products or Not?

When you are interviewing the House Cleaning Service, ask them what type of chemicals they use. If you have allergies or pets in the house, this is important. Many chemical-based cleaners today are super harmful to your pets and kids that play on the floor regularly. In this [article] we detail some of the plant based cleaners that are available on the market today. These are safe alternatives that are just as effective in cleaning your home as the chemical based cleaners.

House Cleaning Service


7 Regular Communication

This is another pitfall about many cleaning companies today. Lack of communication with customers can make or break a business. A House Cleaning Service that has managers that listen carefully to the issues that you have in your home will end up providing the quality service that you want. The last thing that you want in your home is someone that won’t listen to your concerns over things not getting cleaned or what you need to be cleaned on a regular basis. Here are some questions to ask:

  1. How often do you perform quality checks on your employees at the job site?
  2. How often do you call the customer to follow up after a cleaning?
  3. Do you perform weekly or monthly account reviews? This ensures that you (the customer) are being heard, and any issues are being dealt with appropriately.


8 Make A List Of Needs

Deciding what areas of the home or how much help you need in keeping your home clean on a regular basis can be challenging to figure out. Before you meet with any House Cleaning Services, sit down and make a list for all of the things that you want to be cleaned consistently. Also, put down in that list the rooms in your house that are off-limits. Now prioritize that list based on importance. Lastly, make a separate list of items that are the “Wish List”. These the items or areas of your home that you might want to be cleaned, but don’t have to have them cleaned.


Download Your Free Cleaning ChecklistChange it and Use it to stay organized at home!


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