Residential Cleaning Tips: 6 Facts about Bed Bugs That’ll Keep You Up At Night

When you are tired and ready to go to bed for a long night’s sleep, the last thing that you want to worry about is bed bugs. Over the past few years, bed bugs have crept out of the shadows and into the light with all of the recent bed bug cases that have popped up. Now, you might think that you know everything there is to know about bed bugs, but just in case you do not, here are six residential cleaning tips that will help you to combat the little critters.

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Residential Cleaning Tip #1: Where do they live?

When you hear the term bed bugs, most people gravitate towards bed bugs being in hotels and motels. However, bed bugs are not restricted to living in just your bed. They are excellent hitchhikers and can live almost anywhere. Typically, you will find them hidden in suitcases, boxes, shoes, small cracks and crevices close to a food supply. That food supply is YOU!


Residential Cleaning Tip #2: Bed Bug live outside the city too

You might think that bed bugs are just city dwellers, but that is not accurate. Bed bugs are found in all fifty states in our country from the city to country dwellings according to the NPMA’s survey. The study revealed that seventeen percent of those locations found with bed bugs were in the Northeastern part of the United States. Twenty percent were in the Midwest and twenty percent in the Southern states and finally nineteen percent in the Western part of the United States. Simply put, wherever you have people, you are going to have bed bugs.

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Residential Cleaning Tip #3: Bed bugs don’t die quickly

When you think of animals that can’t die quickly one of the first to the top of the list is the mighty resilient cockroach. They can live for up to one month without food and one week without any water. Well, be prepared to be shocked, because the bed bug has the cockroach beat hands down. Bed bugs are exceptionally hardy and determined species. They can live anywhere from 20 to 400 days without food, depending on the conditions of the environment they are in. This is one of the reasons that make it so difficult to get rid of them.


Residential Cleaning Tip #4: Bed bugs are stealthy like a ninja

Bed bugs are an elusive species. They primarily a nocturnal species that hide during the day in minuscule places and during the night time they are drawn out by the carbon dioxide we produce when we sleep. You will find them everywhere close to people, ready and waiting for their next meal.


Residential Cleaning Tip #5: Bed bugs are predictable

Bed bugs feed on a schedule and are very predictable. Once the bed bug moves in, they set up house closest to the host. They will typically feed for five to ten minutes then wait for the next meal. Often you will find this pattern commonly referred to breakfast, lunch and dinner as the bite marks can be found in a pattern of clusters on your skin.


Residential Cleaning Tip #6: Bed bugs promote increased blood flow

You may wonder, why don’t bed bug bites wake me up at night? The answer to this question is that bed bugs have a component in their saliva that acts as an anesthetic and promotes increased blood flow at the bite site. This is phenomenal for the bed bugs because it makes their feeding time quick, painless and gives them the most food in one sitting. This is not so good for the human host as you will never feel the bed bugs there during your sleep.


Key Take-a-ways:

  1. After feeding bed bugs will often move to a hiding place to digest their meal, mate and lay eggs increasing the bed bug population quickly.
  2. If you have a bed bug infestation, contact a professional pest control service to get rid of them quickly.
  3. Check for rusty reddish stains on your bed sheets from bed bugs being crushed while you sleep.
  4. Put a white piece of paper down with water in it to see if the bed bugs come near.
  5. Check for dark spots about the size of a black marker dot on the paper.


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