Residential House Cleaning Tips Every Dog Owner Must Know

If you are a pet owner, then you understand the struggle with hair everywhere from your dog. We love our dogs. They are part of the family. The kids love the dog, and you do too. What we don’t love is the mess they can make in our home. Here are some residential house cleaning tips for dog owners. 

Residential House Cleaning

Dog Hair Everywhere

If you have a dog, then you have dog hair everywhere. It’s on your bed, your couch, your clothes, it’s everywhere! One way to keep the hair at bay is a robotic vacuum. This vacuum is specially designed for pet owners to remove pet hair and allergens from your home.


Clean the Clothes

You have to go to work, and you have dog hairs everywhere. The lint roller is one of those simple inventions that you need. Some people use duck tape, scotch tape, but the lint roller is easy an inexpensive. Keep one at home and in the car for your ride to work.


Dog Grooming at Home

Don’t have time to take your dog to the groomer? Don’t worry Dyson has come up with the Dyson Dog Groom vacuum attachment. It works ideally for medium and long-haired dogs. It makes it easy to remove loose hair and whisk it away before it tracks all over your home.


Pet Accidents 

When dealing with a new pet, you are bound to run into toilet training accidents in your house. A quick, way clean stains, is to blot them first. Don’t rub into your carpets the stain. Apply a solution of white vinegar and dish soap to the stain. Let it sit for a few minutes, then blot clean. Allow the stain to air dry. 


Pet Paw Prints

Get some throw rugs for your dog. The simplest solution is to use old bath towels in dark colors. In our house, we have one near the door to wipe the dogs feet on rainy days. There is one in his crate and one near the window. This helps to keep the paw prints at bay. 


Messy Eaters

Do you have a dog that literally gobbles his/her food down? They tend to leave food and a mess everywhere afterward. Get a few dining placemats and put them underneath their food and water dish. This is an easy and effective solution for messy eaters. 


Dog Scratching

In our home, we have hardwood floors. With furry friend and children, our floors have lots of scratches on them. Most dog owners are afraid of trimming their dog’s nails. If they do cut them with clippers, they sometimes cut them too short and nick the cuticle making them bleed. 

Here are some solutions to trimming your dog’s nails. 

  1. Use a nail buffer to grind the nails down
  2. Use a Dremel with a sanding pad to grind them down. We use a Dremel, it quickly grinds the nails smooth with no rough edges. Your dog may not like it a first, but they will get used to it. Oster makes a dog nail grinding kit that is very simple to use. It cost around $40.

To busy to keep up? Consider hiring a residential house cleaning service in the Upper Valley to help. These types of services can come in and clean your home daily, weekly or monthly. 

Author: DennisG.

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