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Upper Valley Cleaning Winter Office Cleaning Tips To Keep Your Office Clean

Winter is definitely here in full swing with the last snowfall dumping 10 inches of snow throughout the Upper Valley. Traditionally this is the time of year that everyone bundles up and stays inside. Don’t forget about these Upper Valley Cleaning winter tips that will help to protect your office floors and keep you healthy throughout the winter season.

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The Parking Lot

The parking lot is the first area of your business that you have to keep clear from ice and snow. Regular plowing, sanding, and salting will keep everything clear and safe for your employees during these cold months. This causes other problem for your building though. Sand and salt get tracked into your building onto the carpets and floors.


Protecting Your Floors

Tracking sand and salt into your building is unavoidable during the winter months. Your first line of defense is at the doorway. As customers and employees walk through the interior of your building that snow and slush leaves debris throughout your building. This introduction of extra moisture if left undealt with can cause stains and excessive moisture that can potentially lead to bacteria and mold. This is, of course, a worse case scenario.

Make sure you get winter floor mats for your entryways. These mats are specifically designed to catch most of the water, sand, and salt and stop the spread throughout your building. Your second line of defense is keeping the dust, salt and moisture off your floors by keeping them vacuumed, swept and dry. Introducing a power air dryer near your doorway will help to keep things dry and speed up dry times during off hours.


Air Quality In Your Office

Did you know that indoor air quality can have up to 5 times more pollutants than outside? The air inside your building is circulated continuously, and dust, germs, etc. spread throughout your office with ease. Most office buildings have an HVAC system, make sure you get that cleaned on a regular basis. Replacing filters and cleaning these systems will prevent the circulation of germs and dust throughout your office.


Clean Your Surfaces

During winter months our Upper Valley Cleaning crew focuses on those areas that spread germs during the winter months that all to often get missed. Doorknobs, glass doors, copiers and many other common surface areas often get missed when cleaning. These are the hot zones in your building that will spread germs as people come and go. We can help you to determine the hot zones in your office and assign those areas as priority to clean each time we visit your office.


To Disinfect or Sanitize?

How does your Upper Valley Cleaning service stop the spread of germs in your office? Are they disinfecting or sanitizing your office? Is there a real difference? These are all great questions that we get asked as a professional Upper Valley Cleaning service. Here’s the difference.

Sanitization is meant to reduce and not kill the growth of bacteria, viruses or bacteria. Disinfecting surfaces in your office is intended to kill the germs, bacteria that lurk on the surfaces in your office. Sanitizers that we use are not required to kill the germs while disinfecting a surface is meant kill all germs present and leave you with a sterile surface. Most modern disinfectants kill 100% of organisms if appropriately applied.


Year-round (with peaks during cold and flu season), the spread of norovirus, influenza, rhinovirus and other common illnesses present a challenge to the cleaning staff responsible for eliminating germs with proper cleaning and disinfecting. Staff will often turn to wipes for a convenient solution and can be confident they are killing germs of the highest concern.

— Lynda Lurie, marketing manager, Clorox Professional Products Co., Oakland, Calif.


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