Upper Valley Fall House Cleaning Checklist

The days are growing shorter, and the sun sets a little quicker as we approach the fall season in New England. As pine needles and leaves start to fall, what should you do to get your home ready for winter? Yes, snow is just around the corner and preparing the home for the cold season is important. Here are a few Upper Valley Fall House Cleaning tips that you should do before the snow flies.

Upper Valley Fall House Cleaning

Wash Your Windows

Use glass cleaner or vinegar and water to wipe down your windows inside and out. Don’t do this on a sunny day, but do wash them on a cloudy day where you can spot the streaks a little better.


Clean The Blinds

Most homes today have to pull down shades or blinds to block out the sun and give your home a little privacy. Get your vacuum out and use the brush tooth to suck up the dust. If you don’t want to use the vacuum, get a microfiber cloth that is damp and wipe down your blinds. This will reduce the dust in your home and improve the indoor air quality.


Wipe Down Your Walls

When was the last time you thought about cleaning your walls? If you are a smoker or have a wood stove in the home, your wall might shock you! Get a bucket of water with vinegar and wipe down the walls in your home. For those extra hard to clean spots, get a magic eraser and scrub those spots away.


Dust, Dust, Dust

Start at the top of every window, door cabinet and appliance and work your way down to the floor. Dusting in those hard to reach spots will clear out. A lot of dust that you forgot about over the years. Work your way down, so the last step will be to vacuum up all of the dust that you directed to the floor.


Deep Clean Your Carpets and Furniture

This is another commonly missed step in the home. When was the last time you pulled the couch cushions out and vacuumed down the crevice? Once you get that done, vacuum the cushions and if they look terrible, hire a professional cleaning company to be deep clean them along with your carpets. It will make a big difference. This winter with indoor air quality for those allergy sufferers.


Clean Your Refrigerator

When was the last time you cleaned the front vent at the bottom of your fridge? How about moving the fridge out and cleaning under it? Get your vacuum out and clean under and in the front and back of your fridge.


Clean the Furnace

Call your location fuel oil company and schedule a cleaning for your furnace. Often, the fuel nozzles can get clogged with fuel oil residue and affect the ability to heat your home during the winter months.


Test Smoke Detectors

Your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are the first line of defense to get you out of your home safely in an emergency. The batteries in these should be replaced every 6 months.





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