My Windows Are Filthy: 5 Reasons To Hire A Window Cleaner

Have you ever looked out your windows and seen dirt, grime, and streak marks? It can greatly affect your mood and home life. There are various benefits to keeping your windows clean around the home, but here are five reasons why you should hire a pro and stop cleaning your own windows. 


1 Fall and Winter Light 

As the winter season draws closer, we start to close up the windows, remove the screens and gaze through a dirty window. The next three to four months of cold weather and your dirty windows will affect how effective your windows will perform in heating your home. Passive solar is allowing light through your windows to heat the interior of your home. When your windows are dirty on the inside and outside, this will dramatically reduce the amount of light and heat that go through your windows. 


2 Window Maintenance

Dirty glass panes, windows seals and window sills left in that state for too long over time will degrade the window and fail. Properly maintaining your windows will reduce the amount of damage and extend the life of your windows. 


3 Hire An Expert

There are thousands of windows on the market today. Many of them open differently and knowing how to open them to clean them can be a difficult task. The difference between a pro and a non-professional is they have years of experience and training in how to effectively take apart your windows and clean them inside and out. Most professionals can do these types of tasks in a third of the time than an untrained home owner. 


4 Safety, Safety, Safety

If you have a single story home, no problem in cleaning the windows! Cleaning windows on a second story or three story home can be very dangerous. Many homeowners will climb a ladder and stretch out to clean those windows. That is not safe at all! A professional window cleaner has specialized equipment to clean your windows from the ground or the proper lift to get into high places without putting lives in danger. 


5 Your Time Is Precious

Your time is precious and cleaning windows may take away from your family time and work schedule. If your time, for example, is worth $80 per hour and your hire a professional cleaner for $30 per hour, then your time is best spent doing what you are good at and not cleaning your windows. It may take you 2-4 times the amount of time to clean the same window versus hiring a professional that cleans windows every day. 



Author: DennisG.

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